Race Documents

2020 Queensland State Championships

Oct 30-Nov 1, 2020

Below are links to the Entry List, Notice of Race, Sailing Instructions, Online Notice Board and the Schedule of Events.


Notice of Race

NOR 2020 QLD State Champs Amendment 1

NOR 2020 QLD State Champs



Sailing Instructions

SI 2020 QLD State Championships

SI 2020 QLD State Champs Amendment 1


List of Entries

Boat Name Sail Number Nationality Skipper Crew 1 Crew 2 Crew 3 Club Name
1347 1347 AUS Ben Leigh-Smith Jacob Restall Jabin Crisp Southport Yacht Club
Bait and Switch 1215 AUS Barry Cuneo John Warlow Paul Hermann RQYS
Ballista 867 AUS Vitaly Gnyubkin Stas Nikitin Maxim Dzhura RQYS
Chaos Theory 849 AUS Tony Di Betta Chris Davies Fiona Cheung Brigitte Janse van Rensbury RQYS
Encore 870 AUS Peter Conde Brian Hillier Peter Elkington RQYS
Etchycoo Park 1346 AUS Cameron Pryce Tim Waugh Brad Warneke RQYS
Knot Easy 876 AUS Jason Hawkins Jim Snow Chris Nezmah RQYS
Our Thing 1446 AUS David Turton Josh Torpy Ashley Deeks RQYS
Rapscallion 1365 AUS David Healey Ian Miller Kevin Molen RQYS
Stand In Line 1021 AUS Vaughan Prentice Darren Hutchison Lachlan Prentice Ariane Saroch RQYS
TAG 1330 AUS Todd Anderson Curtis Skinner Grant Hudson
The Front Bar 1317 AUS Bradley Ginnivan Ray Smith Joel Turner RQYS
The Saint 941 AUS Martin Sinclair David Smith Liam Murray RQYS
TumbaRumba 826 AUS Jeff Brook Margurite Wood Margy Porter RQYS
Waterloo Too 921 AUS Noel Paterson Andrew Wiklund Will Thomson RQYS

Notice Board

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Schedule of Events